Close Encounters #9

Righteous Ire is a specialist…. but Al…. he’s good across the board.

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  1. Melkior

    Shouldn’t that be “we could ask them to drop by”? Or did you break the sentence in the wrong place?

    I’m still wondering why the heck they don’t just teleport themselves straight onto the spaceship with Luci?

  2. #113

    Well now, I am impressed. That is the second time they have successfully blackmailed another Imp to do what they want…..though I’m curious, why does Righteous Ire have a spaceship?

  3. pikinanou

    God hates unicorns and webcomics?! well, damn…

  4. Elfguy

    Never heard of the “Mother Wheel”, 113? Heaven’s Gate cult ring any bells?

  5. Charlie Spencer

    #113, sit down and we’ll explain. Want something to drink? Coffee, Coke, maybe some Kool-Aid?

  6. [insert generic username]

    @Melkior: They’re implying they might expose Righteous Ire by dropping over for a chat with the angels.
    Also, have we been shown any instance where the Imps have ‘ported into the air or onto a vehicle?

  7. Sicarius

    *chuckles* Well played Al… Well played. ^^

  8. Golux

    @#113 – Aum Shinrikyo has some stuff in a baggie for you to sniff. Goes well with The People’s Temple Kool-aid, The Order of the Solar Temple’s last supper and if you want dessert, a bowl of Heaven’s Gate Applesauce. After that, for your eternal convenience you get to travel out to the comet which marks where the Spaceship’s parked and board for a tour of the galaxy.

  9. Golux

    @Elfguy – Heh, I’d conveniently forgotten about “The Notion of Islam” (sic).

  10. khamya9

    @Charlie and Golux: Technically, it was a competing product called Flavor-Aid. Grape flavor if that matters.

  11. Golux

    @khamya9 – Yep, the stain of success has genericked many a brand.

    Bad for Kool-aid® when everyone knows what mentioning the lock-step drinking thereof connotates. It was a sad day when the Jonestown assassination of Senator Ryan was announced and the news only got worse from there. I think I was starting High School when it happened.

  12. Golux

    As a side note, we had the Heaven’s Gaters here in town. Just before you turn on Water’s Creek Road, there were a pair of Geodesic Domes. Papa dummy lived across the street in a converted warehouse with loading docks out front. They was some weird kids to go to school with. Southern Oregon has been the attractant for some of the weirdest sh!t on the planet, from Survivalists (evil people) trying to escape the “Brown Wave” to psychedelic stoners trying to live off shrooms. Made the average pot grower look pretty citizen-like till the Mexican Nationals moved in. Nothing ruins the environment like a good Organized Crime pot growing operation.