Close Encounters #12

Good point.

Well made.

Y’know…. about the totally fictional Flipps, guy…. at the totally fictional Bestboro Baptist Church.

(Have they boycotted us yet?)

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  1. Seeen

    This just in! Bestboro Church says that God hates anything making fun of Bestboro Church or any of those that manage it! Therefore, this comic is bad and you should feel bad.

    Don’t shoot the messenger. ;D

  2. Dave P

    I doubt the folks at “Bestboro” read the strip; it contains humor and demons, and both are EVIL!

  3. Eeep!

    Hey, getting certain folks riled up an protesting about the evils of a particular bit of fine literature is some of the best free advertising ever, and boosts readership. Just look what happened when they protested Harry Potter!

    (Dating myself there, if no one remembers the whole controversy over how HP was corrupting our youth by telling them about magic instead of Mr. G and Son. And never mind that book featuring a mean albino, a talking lion, and a broken TARDIS… that was allegorical, so that’s okay.)

  4. Charlie Spencer

    I doubt ‘Bestboro’ is boycotting this site. Awareness of it would require using one of those new-fangled demonic computers and that InterWeb thingie.

  5. Sicarius

    It isn’t official ’til they post a YouTube rant about it….like they did for George Carlin or Heath Ledger or

  6. Sicarius

    Well you get the point…