Close Encounters #15

Oh yes, there are such things as Pop Culture Reference Quotas.

I may look like we’re flying by the seat of our pants, but we follow a strict set of rules and guidelines here.

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  1. Charlie Spencer

    You might want to reassess that quota; I think you may have it set too high…

  2. khamya9

    So shroots look a little like tuber-people. Aka, roots. Funky.

    Also, @Charlie, I was thinking it might be a bit too low if they’re going to exceed it that fast =)

  3. someboddy

    He lost his buddies. No he’s going to cry…

  4. Elfguy

    Well ONE of them needs to split off from the others to disable the tractor beam and have a climactic duel just before getting back to the ship…