Close Encounters #17


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  1. Brain Keeper


  2. Bergman

    Well, at least we finally know where Waldo went…

  3. ConnemaraBlend

    Oh my God… Is that, SHERGAR?!

  4. cherishbloom

    Any chance you could tell us who the others are?

    Hey, Waldo!

  5. SHHHH

    wow…. Elvis… and the Amelia and the missing royals… and… and… and……..

  6. argentlupus

    DANG IT!! I came here to make that joke Brain Keeper.

  7. Elfguy

    Well at least they found Jimmy Hoffa, SR.

  8. khamya9

    On the plus side, I suspect there’s enough human belief for them to have a bit of power.

    Also, Lucy s adorable how she just assumes they’ll be heroes like that.

  9. Charlie Spencer

    C’mon, the King of Rock and Roll deserves to be closer to the front!

  10. trindflo


  11. swave

    Usually the bigger boat is for bigger JAWS…

  12. cherishbloom

    so far we have the Princes of the Tower, Amelia Earhart, Spartacus, James Hoffa, Lord Lucan, Shergar, John Cabot, Henry Hudson, John Cabot, Dorothy Arnold…

    Who else?

  13. Plaid Wolf

    Mr Ed?

  14. Plaid Wolf

    nope, forget the comedy entry,,,,

  15. Adge

    King Ferdinand of Portugal, the Princes In The Tower, Owain Glydwr…

  16. Adge

    Oh, and Lord Lucan.

  17. trindflo

    Elizabeth Báthory

  18. cherishbloom

    PW: the horse is Shergar.

    Adge: Some of them I mentioned. King Ferdinand disappeared?

  19. Elfguy

    That IS Anastasia off to the right there? I think?

  20. Adge

    Sorry cherishbloom – I missed your post – my bad. And yes, I meant King Sebastian of Portugal. I won’t post when pushed for time in future, I promise.

  21. someboddy

    I didn’t know Sarah Jessica Parker went missing…

  22. Eeep!

    No Carmen San Diego? It said “Where in the world…”, it wasn’t specific about which world….

  23. trindflo

    Ponce De Leon

  24. trindflo

    Correction: I think that is supposed to be Sir Walter Raleigh, founder of the lost colony of Roanoke and seeker of El Dorado.