Close Encounters #18

And with that realization, we should all be very afraid.

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  1. DSC-Fate

    When did they lost their powers? O.o

  2. DSC-Fate

    NVM, I thought they were talking about the ship back then (I feel stupid~~~)

  3. Lord Chaos

    Not the STARE? Please not that.

  4. Shadow

    Ooh boy…

  5. khamya9

    Just imagine what Luci is going to be like as a teenager. Her poor parents, and doomed boyfriends.

  6. RazorD9

    They were powerless before, and now they have their own power pack of human belief, can only imagine what they are going to do to this alien world, this poor poor alien world.

  7. pikinanou

    When the chosen one says “we’re bringing back everybody”, it means we’re bringing back everybody. Period. :)
    Go Lucy!

  8. AnrDaemon

    It’s like if you were sento to grab 10g of enriched Uranium and suddenly found about a metric ton of it… what would you do with it? If you’re imp, I mean?