Close Encounters #21

I believe Tears’ tears are extra salty…. you know that’s gotta sting and cause tears.

See what we did there?

That’s ‘cos we’re profeshunals.

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  1. pikinanou

    lol 😀

  2. LordRowyn

    “Cry me a river”.

  3. #113


  4. Becky

    Tears used SURF.

  5. argentlupus

    I so read that in Renier Wolfcastle’s voice.

  6. Nekomimi

    Ok. It is just me, or Alien Troopers didn’t wanted to hurt imps, or, like, anyone?

    1) If they wanted to hurt anyone, they would shoot as fast as imps went out-of-cover

    2) There was some crashes. Some terrible crashes. Maybe aliens wanted to save Luci from being burned in her garden or something?

    3) All people found few strips ago were at diffrent age. They didnt aged even a bit (even horse). Aliens saved them and gave them immortality.