Close Encounters #22

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.

Pain just doesn’t understand subtle.

And we like it that way!

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  1. Dave P

    I see Pain’s tooth grew back in.

  2. LJ

    So, an alien…. Er, offworlder….. Complains about humanity after abducting dozens of innocent, or unwary beings? Irony, or what?

  3. Nekomimi

    Pain used Brick Breaker. Its super effective!
    Pain used Bite. Its super effective!
    Pain used Earthquake. Its super effective!

    Stormtrooper fainted!

    Wait, what’s happening?

    *random music*

    One tooth Pain evolved to Two tooth Pain! Congratulations!

  4. khamya9

    I don’t think we’ve ever seen pain this happy.

    Which is pretty much a good thing.

  5. #113

    People syre do have their lega messed with a lot in this comic. And those little guards are super cute! Though I would never say that too yhier helmets…I bet they have stun guns. O.O

  6. Nexus83

    Anyone else think of that one unlucky guy/fish from Spongebob while reading the last panel?

  7. Solticestudio

    my legs! rofl, theres always someone crying my legs! reminds me of watching spongbob.. yea thats right I watch spongebob! I think he is funny so what!? lol but on there every single time there’s any kind of destruction and people .. uh I mean fish… are hurt theres always the one guy crying my legs! lol I laugh every time. For some reason it just cracks me up so when I saw the one guy say my legs on here I was laughing… glad to see pains tooth grew back too! he looks sooo happy!