Close Encounters #23

Not rollerskates AND banana skins!!??

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  1. phage83

    LMFAO @wilhelm scream

  2. Eeep!

    So few people have this much passion for their work. Tragic, really.

  3. Orion Fury

    The need for that scream to be in every movie that the current story line is clearly not a parody of has extended over to parodies that are clearly have nothing in common with that movie series.

  4. Dale

    @Orion Fury – Exactly. At least I think exactly. Reading that comment just made Courtney’s head explode, so even if not exactly, close enough for me. 😀

  5. Ie Yamof Ool

    @Orion, your comment was too convoluted for me to understand, but that scream has been in so many movies you’d be hard pressed to find a movie that has a random support character scream that doesn’t use it. (unless the director is making a particular point to not use it).

  6. khamya9

    liked the quiet “please” best, but the wilhelm scream was a nice touch.

  7. cherishbloom

    Oh please! That scream is clearly canned.

  8. Dale

    @ cherishbloom – bugger…. you found us out.

  9. Orion Fury

    Yeah, I know it’s been in a lot of stuff. I just remember hearing someone say that they made a point of putting in every movie in that series. Also, the convoluted comment was on purpose, in keeping with LPI’s lawyer’s request.

  10. MidnightDStroyer

    These guys take pride in their work because they literally put their names on the final product.