Close Encounters #26

This all sounds vaguely familiar.  As if we were planning things well in advance.




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  1. Eeep!

    With these three around, why would you ever plan anything?

  2. Rüti

    This three do many things too right for the fact they where Imps. What do the think about that. Are there three backgrouds we do not know which made them so soft? – in most time, but not all time –

  3. Elihion

    Wait, wait… Maybe Ruti has something there…

    *whirr, grind, click*, *smoke*…

    Oh.. oh… maybe they are really a deep cover, sleeper
    Team A infiltration team, memory wiped, working their
    way into a position of power, before a pre-emptive strike
    by the Big Fella up on high…

    Nah…. couldn’t be.


  4. Orion Fury

    I thought they fixed that though…

  5. Hikaru

    …… i was NOT expecting to b right o.O