Divide and Conquer #4

As ever, flawless thinking by Alisdair.

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  1. pikinanou

    will they bring Lucy along? :)

  2. Grave

    Buahahahahahhaa Dharma resorts XD

  3. Daminica

    Island resort of Membata & Dharma Resorts
    (>.> )
    ( <.<)
    ( o.o ) This explains everything that happened in that series.

  4. Lalasa

    I think “sounds” should be “sound” due to being plural. English is weird like that.

  5. Dale

    American-English is actually my second language.

  6. MidnightDStroyer

    Meh! You’re doing much better than people who write captions of lolcat-speech in cat pictures at cheezburger.com. I have (much) more trouble reading that than I do this.