Divide and Conquer #8


This is NOT good.

Addy is gonna need a bucket-load of Frizz-eez!

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  1. Marvelous TK

    Yes! Best Characters return! My joy is palpable! Palp my joy! Palp it!

  2. Shadow

    *Palps it*

  3. Thisguy

    Wow, great to see these two again, and nice to know they still keep in touch.

  4. Elihion

    Aaaand the Star Wars references continue. :)

    Come on folks, we need some puns on this page, otherwise the author is
    going to stop doing them…. and we cant have that, now can we?


  5. gddessbrat

    it’s a trap!!

  6. pikinanou

    aww, seeing them again makes me happy 😀 *also palps Marvelous TK’s joy*

  7. DSC-Fate

    yay!!! The girls are back!!!

  8. MidnightDStroyer

    I dunno about coming up with puns on this page…Al-de-run around we gotta go through to not over-do the obvious eventually catches up to ya’, ya’ know?