Divide and Conquer #9

Kevin probably had plans or something.

Y’know, or he’s worried about dying in that junker body.

Or maybe he’s just discovered Dexter on Netflix and there is no way he’s gonna get to binge watch all those seasons before this get all flamey and demon-fighty and generally not fun.

I could be wrong.

It might be LOST instead of Dexter.

Also, our own writer here on LPI is picking up the pencil to work with the legend…. yes LEGEND, Howard Mackie on a new webcomic.  Go check out the first four pages of The Monster Kid.  Looks like it’s gonna be fun.

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  1. pikinanou

    Three imps get stuck in a jar and its the End of Days? whoa

  2. Charlie Spencer

    End of Days? Isn’t Luci supposed to play a role in that?

  3. phage83

    so does this mean your ending the comic?

  4. nicktwolf

    Ok, something doesn’t make sense here, why would a phone magically appear out of no where, you would think as agents of team G, they would have phones or something they would be contacted on. I doubt this is the end of the strip, given the fact that the imps are locked away doesn’t mean much. If there is one thing we have learned is that if the imps had traveled back in time from when the bull becomes president, then we should know the world will remain. The imps would be able to be freed. I think their plan of traveling back 5 minutes before gets thrown off because of being in the bottle.

  5. Lazarae

    I see “end of days” and all I can think is uhoh, Luci’s mad.

  6. MidnightDStroyer

    The imps will be breaking out of that bottle any minute now…

    …Real soon…

    …Wait for it…

    … … …

    What? Is it Judgment Day already?