Divide and Conquer #12

That is not a smile filled with warmth and compassion.

It’s a good job Kevin and Conrad are on the job.



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  1. zarno

    Anyone have a liter of catnip oil, 3 laser pointers, and a rubber mouse? No?

  2. Nekomimi

    He look like clown rapist on last panel…

  3. Becky

    Where is Pain when you need him?


    I miss the lard-butt of gaseous intent.

  4. Pantera

    HELLO EVIL KITTY! (but yes he does remind me a bit of a certain EVIL CLOWN (DEMON) from an unmentioned comic.) What I’m confused about? Is Puss a DEMON, or a DEMON CAT? Which of the forms is his True? Although I like him better as a DEMON… YUM! ;D

  5. Elfguy

    Pantera, cats ARE demons…they cuddle up to you, hypnotize you with their purring, lull you into a false sense of security then, when you least expect it, latch onto your tender fingers with teeth and claws, and rake your palms with their rear claws down to the bone.

  6. MidnightDStroyer

    Anyone have a ball of yarn? What we need now is some Imperial entanglements.