Divide and Conquer #13

Oh dear.


Nothing good EVER comes from sparkles.

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  1. Daminica

    Why oh why does this sound familiar?

  2. MaronaPossessed


  3. pikinanou

    Mr.butterpaws, you better appear wearing clothes and not some conviently well placed sparkles. She’s way too young to see and/or appreciate you au natural.

  4. Pantera

    OH Dear, here we go again with the exploding evil tendrils & ripping, shredding of the cute kitty? UM… I think THAT will be warping her tiny li’ cute mind. She’s used to Nutter Trio, not TRUE EVIL. EEEEEP! NOT THAT MR. BUTTERPAWS! 0.o

  5. Antonious

    Why does Mr. Butterpaws in the sixth panel remind me of the Heath Ledger Joker .

  6. DSC-Fate

    Those sparkles…
    Is the Goblin King close?

  7. scantrontb

    @ DSC-Fate… NO… The Vampire goober from Twilight, Edward i think? Either that or this is the same demon that inspired that little bit of stupidity in the authors of that series of (in my opinion) dreck……

  8. Tess

    Yes! So cool to see another artist use sparklies for evil! Muahahahaha! I did that too for this one comic panel: http://tessandrafae.deviantart.com/art/Wild-Space-Saga-Ch-1-Page-9-449101459

  9. Aslandus

    This is about to get really creepy, I can just tell

  10. Soulless1

    I think Luci should let him show his demon form, then force him to be a kitten again(and keep him from changing).