Divide and Conquer #14

I, for one, have never trusted unicorns.

But he IS beautiful.

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  1. Elfguy

    Anyone who starts a conversation with “it’s time you knew the truth” is a big fat liar!

    Particularly if they’re playing the “Unicorn Pony” bit.

  2. Daminica

    *Gasp* The most evil form of them all, I KNEW THE SPARKLES WHERE FAMILIAR,

    Damn you hasbro, DAAAMN YOUUUUU.

  3. Random Guy

    Hatred is magic.

  4. argentlupus


  5. KentDA

    You know … as bad as the Imps have been before, they’ve acted to ‘teach’ her, keep her happy, have fun or protect her.

    Imagine the damage they’ll do if she ASKS for it. IE when she finds out Mr Buttercups was responsible for those 3 vile imps that messed her up for some time.

    Think about the carnage.

  6. zarno

    That’s all fun, till he farts rainbows…

  7. pikinanou

    For appearing like this, I dunno if I should mock him or actually respect him. Man, you must not have any dignity left, don’t you?!

  8. Mokiefraggle001

    Ooh, dirty pool, cat. No little girl can ever resist the power of a magic sparkle-unicorn. Even one whose best friends are a trio of screwball imps from Hell. That, Mr. Butterpaws, is full of cheat and lies.

  9. Melkior

    Bishonen Butterpaws Ponyford.

  10. Melkior

    Or to be more accurate:
    Bishonen Butterhooves Ponyford. 😉

  11. Aslandus

    Learn the truth: Butterpaws lies all the time!

  12. Curious Imp Fan

    NO LUCI! DON’T FOLLOW THE LIGHT!!! Or more specifically the sparkly golden unicorn that wants to devour your soul!!! DX

  13. LunarKnight

    I want to trust him because he’s a unicorn, but i know he’s a demon, but he’s a unicorn….

    is the cake really a lie? or for that matter, is it even cake? I don’t know anymore.

  14. saxi

    AHHHHH! THE EVIL CHEESINESS IS KILLING ME! Rainbows, unicorns, kitten, FLUFFY BUNNIES! *Shudder*