Divide and Conquer #19

Pain, doing what he does best.

Gaseous emissions.

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  1. zarno

    Oh man, with the heartburn that thing is going to cause him, this flashback will be super powered.

    Probably the closest equivalent would be eating a donut made out of powdered habanero peppers.

  2. Kheda

    On the plus side the change in gas pressure might pop the cork out of the bottle.

  3. argentlupus

    Oh crap!!! Where we heading now?

  4. Eeep!

    I uh… I’m just gonna…. um, head for the nearest fallout shelter… yeah. That sounds like a good plan. [Runs and hides]

  5. Elfguy

    Holy Heartburn, Batman!

  6. Charlie Spencer

    “I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought!”

    Now I remember who these guys remind me of – “Ed, Edd, and Eddie”.

    Habanero donuts. Mmmmhhhhhhhh.

  7. Dannysmartful

    That’s like eating the ring of power. . . *_*

  8. Antonious

    I think I just felt all the Angels of Heaven AND all the Devils of Hell cry out in alarm. That halo will make all his previous experiences seem like mild drug hazes. This one will be the LSD trip from HELL!

  9. Grim

    So now magical sparkles are going to be coming out of his…. nevermind.

  10. Dannysmartful

    Actually, I think it would have been really cool if panel 7 & 8 were their own page. Just panel 7 in the top left and a HUGE BWAAAARP for the rest of the page. 😀

  11. Van


  12. Grimlock13

    @Charlie Spencer
    I’ve never followed the Ed’s series, but I’m pretty sure that Egon Spengler from the Ghostbuster said that first.

  13. Van

    FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Dale

    Grimlock13 for the win!

  15. Wizard

    @Grimlock13- Who ya gonna call?