Divide and Conquer #21


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  1. Kheda

    Queue dramatic music *dun dun durrrr*

  2. Kheda

    Cue, even, damn, not enough coffee yet, brain not functioning.

  3. Plaid Wolf

    QUICK! Cue the Drama Button!

  4. Aslandus

    He can’t start the end of days without pickles!

  5. Charlie Spencer

    Without an Anti-Christ?

  6. pikinanou

    Unicorns! oh, no wait he already…

  7. Arclayn

    Ooooooh! ? Yes, the cat came back. ? Pain thought he was delicious. ? But the cat came back. ? He wouldn’t stay in Hell! 😀

  8. Elfguy

    Hey, Arc, what can he say? Self-recycling cat-food!

  9. MidnightDStroyer

    No way! We can’t have the End of Days until Pain has quenched his thirst with a good, stiff drink.