Divide and Conquer #22

And so begins The Fall!

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  1. zarno

    That kitten is getting on my nerves.
    Makes me wish I had a few thousand gallons of DIP to wipe that toon off the face of the screen.

    Or would it be DIP along with some “format C:\” and “sudo rm -rf *” action?

  2. Thisguy

    Never trust a unicorn with a goatee AND a pink bow, that’s just evil

  3. Thisguy

    Well, that’s really messed up evil, as opposed to the regular evil we all know and love

  4. Melkior

    Things seem to be going absolutely perfectly for Mr Butterpaws Pussford.

    If I were him, I’d be very worried! 😉

  5. Charlie Spencer

    zarno, you forgot ‘Goo Gone’. Also, people usually disappear when Aunt Jenny brings her green bean casserole.

  6. Eeep!

    Ooooh… he got serious… he even got Luci to change her outfit. Now normally I’m not a pink person, black really is more my speed, but…. in this case exceptions are being made at an alarming rate.

  7. Flying Tiger Comics

    Did she just attack an overweight Calvin? Weird.

  8. Dale

    @Flying Tiger Comics – That’s Matty…. he’s appeared before. For better AND worse.

  9. feralglance

    I think it was clever to show her changing via color paling.