The Fall #2


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  1. Nekomimi

    Heh. This angel seems… evil.

    Luckily, apparition =|= deeds.

  2. Nicktwolf

    It seems to me like he has been in this position before with an angel.

  3. pikinanou

    I’m rooting for Rodney! but let’s say I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t make it back o.0 Evil-bishonen-kitty-unicorns is a though enemy :O

  4. Random Guy


  5. Revok

    I’d love to see an epic battle sequence play out between these two… but let’s face it, before the smoke clears Mr. Butterhooves will be back and Rodney will have a brand new junker body…

  6. Melkior

    I think junker bodies only apply to angels who habitually destroy their human forms. We’ve yet to see Rodney destroy even one body. And it might count as “in a worthwhile cause” as well.

    But I doubt that Rodney will be able to destroy The Chosen One. (Remembers a scene from Little Hiawatha, with a bunny rabbit with big, sad, scared eyes)

    But this should be interesting nevertheless. :)