The Fall #5

Words fail me.

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  1. CrowMercury

    This angel needs some more respect from Team G. He’s got 10/10 in my book in choosing a battleground.

  2. Random Guy

    -10 cool points to the unicorn for recognizing the location.

  3. gddessbrat

    lol.. agua dulce, california…. used for star trek, so many westerns i could not list them all, and of course, let us not forget the live action version of the flintstones with Rick Moranis and John Goodman was also filmed there

  4. Elfguy

    But the Unicorn can get those points back by talking like Shatner through the battle.

  5. Lalasa

    Is there a reason our angel hero’s eyes flicker from black to blue in different panels? I found it rather distracting.

  6. Dale

    @Lalasa – it’s clearly his Angel Aura flicking with righteous rage and fury. If you close one eye, it gets half as distracting.

  7. Charlie Spencer

    And if you close both eyes, you fall asleep.

  8. Dale

    @Charlie Spencer – Not with my kids in the house.

  9. Melkior

    I seem to recall that the Mythbusters proved that the improvised cannon was impossible.

    You need to mix the ingredients for gunpowder a lot more carefully and thoroughly than Kirk had any chance to do, otherwise they just won’t explode (or even burn well). Also, even if the improvised gunpowder had exploded, it almost certainly would have made the bamboo cannon barrel explode like a bomb and killed Kirk.

    But I remember it was a fun episode anyway. :)

  10. Random Guy

    Elfguy, I’m afraid it’s quite the opposite.

  11. MidnightDStroyer

    Well Melkior, you know how it is with Hollywood…they only use the Laws of Physics enough to create an *illusion* that the Laws of Physics can’t support.