The Fall #7

Well that escalated fast.

And ended faster.

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  1. Melkior

    RIP Rodney.

    Alas, poor Rodney. I knew him, Courtney. An angel of infinite life, until cruelly cut short by the powers of darkness…


    (Honestly, I don’t know for sure. But knowing how devious you folks can be, I wouldn’t put it past you to bring Rodney back)

  2. Random Guy

    Mmm, ketchup.

  3. Eeep!

    Well, they’ll probably just give him an new replacement body. His current one got trashed in the line of Honest to Mr. G duty, rather than one of Kev’s impulsive and poorly thought out “rescue missions,” so I doubt he has to worry about ending up squat and elderly in his next incarnation.

    However, given the short work Mr. Butterpaws made of Rodney, even in all that armor, I’m thinkin’ Mr. G needs to SERIOUSLY up Heaven’s defense budget. Contract out to Northrup Grumman guys, or something, you need more than highly polished tinfoil for what’s coming next.

  4. pikinanou

    and not a stain on his white suit. wow, i have to give it to him, he’s good. :)

  5. Nicktwolf

    I like the term halo monkey.

  6. LJ

    What? No timeout, no do-overs? Where is the PC crowd when you their usual, witless interference…. Ahem, help? 😛

  7. Cassandra

    Over-confidence like that is what got demons damned in the first place.

  8. Henry Valdez

    Honestly, I liked Rodney up until his threat to kill Lucy. In this one case, Go badguy

  9. Revok

    a rank-and-file angel going up against Mr. D’s most valued agent?
    predictable result was predictable.

    that said, Wow! blood… didn’t see that coming. (don’t know why, but I expected like… an explosion with a convenient lack of body parts)
    This just got real.

    I like it. ^_^

  10. Cassandra

    It is rather ironic that the being who has been eaten by Pain so many times should say something like “you never were any match for me”.

  11. MidnightDStroyer

    Ok, *Butterpaws* went straight into his final form & cut through the trope. I got my guess wrong…