The Fall #9

I’m not sure Isobel has thought the plan to handle the Elite Angels and Demons all the way through.

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  1. that one idiot

    so are you ending the comic or is this just another arc?

  2. Revok

    This is escalating very, very quickly…

  3. Eeep!

    Where are Jay and Silent Bob when you need them?

    Also Alan Rickman & Chris Rock, because when don’t those two make a world-shattering crisis better?

  4. Dale

    At least no one can blame Ben Affleck for this one.

    @that one – We ARE heading for the End of Days.

  5. Charlie Spencer

    Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett are holding on line two…

  6. Ayshela

    Hey, easy peasy, sic ’em on each other. *g*

  7. Henry Valdez

    anyone else think that the voice actor for Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents would be perfect for the bunny (sorry forgot her name)

  8. Melkior

    I still say that they’ll find Luci in the store she shoplifted from, paying for the stuff she stole. Or if she doesn’t have any money to pay, she’ll be sweeping the floors as payment.

    Or she’s doing chores for neighbours to earn the money to pay for the stuff she stole.

    I’m gonna take great pleasure in saying “called it” when we find Luci again. Now I just have to hope that I really have called it! :)