The Fall #13

….you take the big killy, nasty-looking ones.

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  1. Ember

    Why are the Elite Demons just standing in a warehouse instead of looking for Luci?

  2. Nekomimi

    They were regrouping, I guess.

  3. Kheda

    Well that’s one way of doing it :)

  4. Eeep!

    I imagine Addy had some part to play in that, Ember.

  5. Charlie Spencer

    “I’ll take the small one.” Hah!

  6. Elihion

    Okay… if it moves, hit it.

    If it don’t moves, hit it any
    ways just in case it decides

  7. Plaid Wolf

    Commander: “Men, you may fire at will!”
    Grunt “Sir, which one is Will?”

  8. TessandraFae

    Wait, I’m confused. I thought they were working together?

  9. NicolaiDavi

    They are working together… by leading the different Elite groups to each other, and into a fight, they’re distracting both sides from trying to track down Luci while the Imps try to figure things out.

  10. Elfguy

    Well, TessandraFae, each one told their elites that they knew where to find the opposing elites, and being macho jerks like all “elite” guys, they’re spoiling to fight each other to determine the relative sizes of their units. Thus are the elites distracted and the day saved.

  11. Elihion

    Cut to: The two girls taking refreshment out on the roof. Sounds of carnage from the
    door to the stairwell. Last panel, ominous silence, with the girls clinking their glass
    and tea-cup together.


  12. Cassandra

    When demons curse, do they say “what the Heaven”?

  13. Charlie Spencer

    Elihion, your first post sounds like my terrier mutt.

    If it moves, bite it. If it doesn’t move, bark at it until it moves; then bite it.