The Fall #19

Yeah…. talk to her…. explain things…. she’s clearly open to discussion…. I mean…. what’s the worst that could happen?

Possibly Pain’s idea might not be as bad as it seemed.

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  1. Eeep!

    1) I think Alisdair is about to get punched by Luci in a way that will make Pain shed tears of pride and joy.

    2) At this point, knocking Luci senseless(er) really might be the only way of breaking MBPs hold on her. For good measure, while she’s out cold… get her back in her usual attire.

  2. Shadowydreamer

    I think Pain is in for a world of pain..

  3. Melkior

    Someone missed her nap time today! 😉

  4. Charlie Spencer

    He’s gonna draw back a bloody stump.

  5. Aslandus

    Nothing could possibly go wrong with this plan

  6. Nicktwolf

    Ok, so I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this or not, but here goes. If Luci’s father is the one that is supposed to usher in the end of days why didn’t they have this info already. Given the imps wouldn’t have know about this makes sense given the names are close. However you would think as Satan’s almost right hoof man, he would have seen the contract and realized they had the wrong person. If Luci brings about the end that leads a question, what about going through time to save the world from aliens. if she were to bring the end of days around, then they shouldn’t have gotten the visit from their future selves The strip has been going on for four years now and there is something else we don’t see, how old Luci was when this all started going on forwards. Maybe I am over thinking all of this and love the strip, my mind just has weird continuity issues.