The Fall #20

You gotta wonder how many other people who’ve underestimated the little, fat, red guy before this.

Lungs…. burning.

Vision…. blurring.

Sinuses…. bleeding.

Webcomic…. ending


Webcomic ending?

Yep, you read that right.  From the very beginning we here at Luci Phurr’s Imps Mansion, knew this was a finite story.  Now, to quote those guys in the streets with the sandwich boards (do they still have those guys?) THE END IS NIGH!

The Imps survived the Mayan predictions of 2012, to give you guys two more years of chaos…. um…. fun…. and it allowed us (the caretakers of Luci Phurr’s Imps Tower) to finish the story in the way we planned before the very first strip was even written.  So stay tuned.  We’re giving you, our fantastic (and loyal) readers, a heads-up, because things are gonna get wild over the rest of the year as we head towards THE END DAYS and the end of our story, which wraps up in December 2014.


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  1. Sam

    Well, it saddening that the webcomic is ending, but does this finally mean we’ll be able to buy printed copies?

  2. MissyZ

    !?!?! Oh no! What am I going to look forward to on Mondays and Wednesdays anymore?!? (Except for other webcomics that update then, but c’mon, most only do Mondays and I have a severe lack of webcomic come Wednesdays!)

  3. Actua

    Well I think I speak for everyone when I say, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

  4. Melkior

    I’ll be sad to see the end, but it’ll be good to have a proper wrap-up to the story.

  5. Charlie Spencer

    Actua, I was going with for “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!’, but “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” is close enough.

  6. gddessbrat

    me sad

  7. Rocketroo

    Will be sad to see it end, but love that we are closing the story arc. Too many very enjoyable comics just suddenly stopped before their time. Looking forward to the remaining story. Ironic that I am now wishing the holidays to arrive slower.

  8. Nicktwolf

    I really hope that you guys don’t end this with Lucy being the bringer of the end of days, however, major points to pain for knocking her out.

  9. Eeep!

    I think that might be the first time in his existence that Pain has ever apologized for anything.

  10. Dan Genesis

    Heh. I remember when I first stumbled upon this comic. I believe it was in the middle of the call center arc, when they threw The Girl from Ipanema at him.

  11. Soulless1

    nope, not allowed to end the story. It’s the best part of my week…
    I just realised how bad that makes the rest of my life sound… :(
    Posting it anyway, since it’s the truth.

  12. Dale 2.0 Mettam

    @MissyZ – I can say NOTHING about what might fill the void. (Obviously as the writer on this, there’s a great deal of subtext to that sentence.)

    Everyone else who might need something to take comfort from…. you should definitely not read anything into my response to MissyZ…. even if I added a winkie like thing here…. NOTHING.


  13. Charlie Spencer

    Dale, thanks for the faint ray of hope. I’m sure you provided it with the impish intent of setting us up just to hear our sobbing tears and our cries of pain at our eventual misfortune.

  14. pikinanou

    All good things must end, eventually, but I’ll be happy, as long as it ends like it should 😀
    I’ll still be there, every Mondays and Wednesdays to read what comes next :)

  15. Dale 2.0 Mettam

    I promise you all, we will not leave you hanging.

    What happens beyond that….?

    I get my information from Sgt. Schultz. And he knows NAAAAARTHING. 😉

  16. ghostwhitehorse

    @Dale 2.0 Mettam

    Since when did Schultzy get demoted?

    also. . .Pains gastric gases = Ultimate Nullifier.

  17. Henry Valdez

    first, Pain did something right for once? second, why do all the comics i like have to end, and some are ending without an ending, they are just ceasing to exist

  18. Dale 2.0 Mettam

    @ ghostwhitehorse – I stand corrected and have rectified my mistake.

    I shall now go and stand in the corner of shame and ponder what might be coming next y….. I’ve said to much.

  19. Tori

    As sad as I am to see this comic go, I’ll be glad that it gets the ending it deserves. For those of you wondering what you’ll read next, I’m going to go ahead and suggest Gunnerkrigg Court, which updates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays :)

  20. KentDA

    Any author worth his salt will gracefully end a story based series at some point. They will not drag it on ad infinitum until everyone who read / watched / listened to it has stopped caring and are going “when will it end?”

    I’m of the “It’s a shame, but … so long as the ending is good … I’ll be happy. Of course then I’ll start pestering the author for his next big hit!” mentality.

  21. Dale 2.0 Mettam

    @KentDA – No need to pester…. we got you covered…. um…. would be something I would say…. if I knew anything about what may or may not be happening…. or planned…. or even worked on…. right at this very mo….. I’VE SAID TOO MUCH AGAIN!

  22. feralglance

    There is no shame in an ending of an awesome story. All I ask is for you to do it right, which I know you will.