The Fall #26

It’s hard not to think the last five years would have been significantly less chaotic if these two had been the ones watching over Luci.

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  1. Shadowydreamer

    But WAY less fun. :)

  2. Samsonite

    I was waiting for this little guy’s cameo before the finale! MAYAN SMASH PUNY ANGELS AND DEMONS!!!

  3. DSC-Fate

    Totally love Isobelle and Abby! And their teamwork it’s great 😀

  4. Hikarizu

    “MY SPLEEN” nice one. Anyone else got that reference?

  5. Kheda

    Epic :)

  6. Daminica

    Anyone else who was expecting Mr. Butterpaws Pussford here?

    To think of it, this one’s better.

  7. Plaid Wolf

    Hikarizu> “My Spleen!”…..Winky from Brewster Rockett

    And glad to see one more appearance from my favorite curse phrase “Mutha-Fletcher!”

  8. Kaian

    Less chaotic? Or just more aimed chaos?

  9. Dannysmartful

    VERY Clever, I am impressed. :)

  10. KentDA

    I didn’t see that one coming. Good job!

    And annoying a cranky extremely powerful spirit, god, not even sure what to call that guy. In his Own Domain? Yeah, that’s a very stupid move.

  11. DSC-Fate

    KentDA: You can just call him THE MAYAN or one of THE NINE

  12. Ayshela

    very clever! I love it!

  13. Van

    The Mayan, because it is TIME.

    I am legally obligated to inform you, this will hurt, a lot.

  14. Elfguy

    Makes sense he’s a lot tougher than he looks…they’re just lackeys, while he is an actual deity.

  15. AnrDaemon

    @KentDA: “Deity” is probably the word you’re looking for. And I agree “on their own ground”. I guess them both (a’s&d’s) lost the knack over these years. Made them soft between ears.

    @Kaian: Less chaotic as in more predictable. There’s no such thing as “aimed chaos.” Else it’s already an order. Not chaos.