The End #1


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  1. TLV1991

    JFC MOOD WHIPLASH! Like, what the hell!? Like, is this just some concept filler art or was that last page just a wishful, fanciful dying dream of the two of them?

  2. MissyZ

    Wait, whaaaat is this!?! What!?

  3. MissyZ

    Oh, I think I see. So is this if they didn’t have Luci and the Imps changing things?

  4. Shadowydreamer


  5. Melkior

    This looks ominous.

  6. Hyattsminion

    So…. that thing I kinda thought that I may have read about the comic ending is maybe sorta true? Cause if it is, I am super duper sad right now. Don’t end L.I.!

  7. Actua


  8. Jordan

    I completely agree with Actua. THIS. MUST. NOT. HAPPEN.

  9. Kheda

    Oh my.

  10. Charlie Spencer

    I have the zoom on my browser set so I can view web comics as large as possible. That means I usually have to scroll down to see the lower half of a page. Occasionally that results in a severe shock.

  11. Eeep!

    This is so sad… but at the same time… very sweet.

  12. pikinanou


  13. Dizzy

    That’s certainly a way to kill of characters. George RR Martin would be proud!

  14. #113

    By all tat is sweet, unholy, and false! SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!

  15. Wizard

    O-kay, suddenly less funny.

    Which is SO not to say I won’t be tuning in for the next update…

  16. Arclayn

    Did anyone else notice Isobel’s hand on the sword? Or Addy’s grip on the spear? Did they actually kill each other? Out of spite? Out of respect? Agh! What does it mean?

    This picture says so much and leaves so many more questions… Kudos to comic team!

  17. Elihion

    *carefully checks date* … So, not April 1st then…

    *quietly goes away to ponder*…

    Maybe I’ll come back another day, eh? Maybe…


  18. pantera

    o.O NO NO NO! Tell me Luci doesn’t destroy all of creation! If that Cat isn’t kaput, then I’ll OBLITERATE him for her.

  19. Golux

    How it would have ended if Isobel and Addy hadn’t teamed up?

  20. Ashreila

    Looks like they couldn’t buy the guys any more time. With Luci in a neutral zone (and presumably still unconscious) it seems that while it really is the end of days, it seems that it’s not necessarily the end for who we think it is. Anyone remember the the trip to outer space, and the mention that the existence of extraterrestrial life undermines the very idea of Team G? There is no reason that the same can’t be said for Team D. It may well be the end for the ridged dichotomy that the two generally create with their influence, and there for the end of “childhood” for the human species as it now begins to come into its own. Remember, the end of one thing is usually the beginning of another.

    Just sayin’.

  21. Dannysmartful

    Wait what? Is there a hidden link for a comic that I missed???

  22. Elihion

    Mmm… wait, I see a ray of hope, perhaps… possibly… maybe…

    In the previous comic, Isobel was wearing ‘civilian’ clothes…
    in this one she has the angelic armor on that the Elite were

    Hey, no straw is too short to be clutched, these are major
    characters, and I really don’t want to see them end like this…


  23. Deliberatus

    Ah, evil works it’s corrupting way, and an innocent angel is sucked into being a willing ally of murder of her own- and aid her ‘friend’ in themurder of IT’s own. See how evil destroys all it touches, inclding itself? LEAVE IT AS IT IS.

    Only later does she realize she is becoming evil ever so slowly.

  24. Aslandus

    Looks like a time jump… Isobel seems to have been promoted to a warrior of some sort, and they certainly weren’t about to stab each other in the last comic…

    Probably at least a preview of what’s to come, but maybe not a permanent change…

  25. Pvblivs

    I do see the hand on the sword, and the spear. But that sword is lodged in the back. Their position can not be the result of a battle. It is either a staged scene or an illusion. (It could be that someone killed them both and staged a scene, though.)

  26. Readaholic


  27. J.P.

    @Actua >=| …Well, who wants to go demon cat hunting? Also, Jesus H Christ! Anyone ever play Final Fantasy 9? If so, you might remember the Kuja boss battle in Burmecia? The one in which he pretty much DESTROYS you. After that, his theme plays as the screen shows you and your beaten comrades, before he takes off on his dragon. This is what I thought of when I saw this: Pussford…must…DIE.