The End #2

….oh dear….

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  1. Snowgods

    This page is of no help whatsoever, You sir are obviously working for team D

  2. Snowgods

    😀 (Forgot the smiley)

  3. Readaholic


  4. Jordan

    This is NOT OK!!!

  5. Charlie Spencer

    Boy,Team G must have been desperate to put those two in armor.

  6. Melkior


  7. Eeep!


  8. Aslandus

    I hope we don’t find Luci impaled on spikes…

  9. Lazarae

    When I heard this was ending I wasn’t expecting Rocks Fall Everyone Dies. o.o

  10. Arclayn

    Is everyone gonna die? Well, I imagine Forcas, Knight of Hell, ruler of twenty legions of demons might still be working in Hell’s call center — a fate worst than death. 😀

  11. Ashreila

    It seems our saboteurs have cause more then the initially bargained for.

  12. Wizard

    ‘kay, not really looking like Armageddon, more like Ragnarok. (For those not familiar with Nordic mythology, Ragnarok is basically Armageddon minus the happy ending. Good and Evil meet in a final cataclysmic clash and everybody dies. No happily-ever-after. Everybody dies. Credits roll.)

  13. KentDA

    I don’t recall how long ago, but the author made a comment about December. So unless he goes to one post a week … there’s still a chunk to come.

    I do have one problem, and I’ve been following this comic for a long time. I’ve even forgot how long. This is what you call Mood Dissonance. Also referred to as the Whiplash Episode. Where you go from Bright and Smiley to everyone running in terror from the Ax-Crazy Murderer.

    I mean, we all knew things would get messy but … there’s a limit on that. Even the bits with her going dark had a good number of chuckles and the start of the fight. Pure funny. Then … this.

    I’m still going to read, I want to see the end but … unless things seriously turn around and fast, I’m not going to like it. I can handle a sad ending, but that requires good pacing on building up to that. This is just going from Tom & Jerry to Die Hard level of change without any major warning.

  14. feralglance

    Is the next one going to be potential Evil Lucy finishing up someone?

  15. saxi

    i am begging…
    This is all a dream, Luci will wake up and all will be well. Or she saves the day

  16. J.P.

    @saxi So am I, saxi. So am I.

  17. Dale 2.0 Mettam

    Not a dream.

    There’s a plan.