The End #3

….oh no….

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  1. Melkior

    Ooooo… kay… I’m going to wildly guess that this is a “possible future” being viewed by Adult!Luci and the imps.

  2. MissyZ

    I AM NOT OKAY! Lucci, what happened! FIX IT! Save the Imps!!

  3. Jordan

    Looks like Pain was the last to fall… It’s a good thing Tears isn’t still alive in this, otherwise the world would drown.

    Seriously though, they better figure out something because this future is provoking way too many feelings.

  4. Radasus

    Guys, guys, relax. Don’t forget Future Luci turns out quite all right. We have nothing to fear!

  5. Readaholic


  6. Arclayn

    Pain must’ve died very happily… because ouch! That looked painful. 😀

  7. Revok

    On the one hand; oh… the feels… this makes me so very sad…

    On the other hand; At least they died valiantly, surrounded by a ring of dead foes

  8. KentDA

    The Fall #22 states that the Future Luci & Imps we’ve seen are the Paradox that will soon be erased. They’ve been wandering all across time doing heavens know what, and they have an idea of how to resolve the problem. They just have an idea (ie remove Luci from access to both sides. This would of course ensure she can’t bring about the end of times.) They never guaranteed it would work, just that they had an idea.

    That’s all we know right now. This could be a vision, this could a reality that Luci has to unwrite. We’re lacking context on the situation to know anything and that leaves us confused. Like I said, it was a heavy whiplash, and that’s what’s causing so many questions and concerns.

  9. Elihion

    *shiver*… Please, can we get this over with? Do a double-update or something.
    Just stop stringing it out.


  10. Aslandus

    It appears they managed to kill quite a few angels before going down, though that’s not much consolation

  11. Dale 2.0 Mettam

    @Eli – Next week answers will be forthcoming.