The End #4


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  1. Elihion

    If that were a t-shirt, I’d be saying ‘Shut up and take my moneyz’. :)


  2. Soulless1

    Is it just me, or does it look like the two “unstoppable forces” are having a slap fight?

  3. Daminica

    Yes Soulless1, they are having a slapfist.

  4. gddessbrat

    And………….. I see what you did there….

  5. Arclayn

    Luci needs to take better care of that PC next to her. After the world ends and there’s nothing else left, she’ll could still unleash unholy apocalyptic terror through various Sim games… or Lemmings. 😀

  6. Eeep!

    Someone should have told Luci that Joffrey was NOT the role model character of Game of Thrones… just sayin’…

  7. Charlie Spencer

    Hey, Courtney! How much fun was it to draw ‘Evil Laugh’ Luci?

  8. Dale 2.0 Mettam

    @Charlie Spencer – Tracy is the artist…. and I suspect not as much fun as it is to look at.

  9. DSC-Fate

    I always thought the imps were meant for her father… But apparently she stole the position of the chosen one

  10. Melkior

    It can’t last. Luci has too much inherent “goodness” to sustain much evil for long.

    Just my opinion. And that’s even presuming this isn’t just a “what-if,” as I suggested before.

  11. ArturH

    Luci game of thrones, season 1? :)

  12. Readaholic


  13. Aslandus

    Skulls wouldn’t make a very comfortable seat, use the skulls for the front of the armrests or the back that you never lean on, and use a flat slab and cushion for the seat. Being evil is no reason to be uncomfortable!

    Also, those skulls are about the same size as Luci’s head… are they from other kids or is she a little older than I thought?