The End #5


Then it’s not too late!

Though Kevin smiling is a little disconcerting.

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  1. Shadowydreamer

    Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

  2. Elihion

    Dead angels… Perhaps… Dead Imps… Maybe… An Evil Luci… Now your pushing it…

    But Cats n Dogs -living together- ? No, I’m sorry… Just… No.


  3. Melkior

    Eliminate that little word ‘almost’ before you give up, folks. :)

  4. Readaholic

    …oooo – Dogs and Cats living together?????

  5. Kaian

    Show her how it affects her family.

  6. pikinanou

    lol, at first glance, I thought the page wasn’t uploading right 😛

  7. Mixleplixle

    “cats and dogs living together”…and then the Ghostbusters showed up

  8. argentlupus

    Readholic, if you do not remember the lines, it was from Ghostbusters.

  9. Arclayn

    Cats and dogs living together just may be the solution being overlooked. Maybe all Mr. Butterpaws Pussford needs is a puppy-friend (Mr. G’s top agent?) to entertain/distract him from using Luci to bring the end of days. 😀

  10. Soulless1

    And just for the record, if you raise them together, they are fine together. I have pics of my husband’s dog–nursing a litter of kittens…

  11. shadow

    I discovered these comics just the other day. Read every single one from the beginning all the way to this one in one sitting. Now I’m having withdrawal symptoms….I NEED MOAR!

    And of course I just HAPPENED to discover them right when it’s on such a big cliffhanger. Just my luck!

  12. Soulless1

    No, Shadow, not luck…
    you’re welcome