The End #11

Well, it looks like interest has at least been piqued.

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  1. JigglingJay

    Just F%$#ing Awesome!! Really transport the mood of the I-am-too-powerful-for-this-shit boredom

  2. Charlie Spencer

    I can’t tell if I hear G. as James Earl Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, or Patrick Warburton.

  3. Wizard

    Samuel L. Jackson all the way, mutha-fletcha. I think James Earl Jones could work as Mr. D, though.

  4. Melkior

    If he’s really God, then he’s omniscient and that means none of this is any surprise to him, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll show it.

  5. Soulless1

    I read this, and to me they both have the same voice-Samuel Jackson…

  6. DSC-Fate

    We are still missing Mrs D and G from the grand finale

  7. Daminica

    I read Mr. G’s voice in Morgan Freemans voice, I don’t really have a voice for Mr. D. though

  8. Henry Valdez

    The end is nigh, Mr. G and D are talking civilly

  9. jonwaynew

    Mr. D is voiced by Lionardo DeCaprio. (sp. I’m lazy). And Mr. G is voiced by Chris Tucker (from Rush Hour) and hilarity ensues.

  10. Elfguy

    Butterpaws Pussyford, however HAS to be Tim Curry…no other voice will do!