The End #14


That’s brutal.

To come SO close then lose it all…. that must bring a tear to the eye…. so painful…. to suffer such a misfortune….

Wait a minute….

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  1. pangoliath

    heh ~ D cast ‘Catastrophic End’ ~ “Exile target cat creature.” Wait exile cards are usually white so how’d D do that?

  2. Elihion

    Ah, so that’s where they got the idea for that television show from….
    What was it again? … ‘The Apprentice’ or something?

    Or maybe the one with the sarcastic woman…
    ‘You are the weakest link… *fwoop!*… Goodbye!’


  3. Sicarius

    Ohmigosh! The fluffies! *plants flag* I claim this annex in the name of me!

  4. Kaian

    Okay now you can’t end things I want to know more about our dark kitty in there.

  5. Daminica

    So there where 2108 Mr. Butterpaws Pussfords before him….. So on average non ever lasted year.

  6. gddessbrat

    Daminica.. only if you count from the year 1. remember…. according to that book that they all refer to, man has been around a little over 6000 yrs give or take a few hundred… so… it looks like maybe a few of them might have had a good run. And… I have a feeling the newest member is not going to want to hit the catnip, but… is going to try and lead a revolt… lol… he should just hit the catnip and chill

  7. Plaid Wolf

    Poor Mr Butterpaws…….such a fate…..”it brings tears to a glass eye”, as Jim Cornette once said some 30 years ago….

  8. Eeep!

    Oh yeah…. this is definitely a job for a BIG “Kittty Can’t Cope Sack.” Actually, maybe we should skip the cloth pouch filled with nip and go straight for an overstuffed cat bed.

    He’s so pitiful and adorable in that 5th panel… I almost want to adopt him out of there. That’s how they snag you though, isn’t it? Microscopic fine print in the adoption paperwork that lays claim to your soul.

  9. argentlupus

    No one realized it did they? 2k9 and all the others are in the 9th circle of hell. The one reserved for betrayers… now… this is where a debate can come into being, who did 2k9 betray? Luci, Mr. G, or Mr. D?

  10. Jess

    Aww, 63 looks so cute. And wow, that’s a lot of mean kitties.

  11. Plaid Wolf

    MMCIX = 2109 i think is his correct number…..

    (MM for 2000, C for 100, and IX for 9, if i remember my Roman Numerals rightly…..)

  12. Melkior

    @Plaid Wolf: That tallies with my count too.

    And just incidentally, I’ve read that the Romans never used “subtraction” in their numerals, so 2109 would have actually been written as MMCVIIII. The idea of writing 9 as IX (and other “subtraction” numbers) was invented in modern times due to the difficulty of reading Roman numerals written the traditional way.

    Poor Mr BP. He’s discovering the down side to being a cat. As soon as you’re no longer cute or it’s no longer convenient to keep you around, you get tossed aside like a piece of rubbish.

    Unfortunately, that’s the way most people actually treat real cats.

  13. Dannysmartful

    Last panel made today’s comic AWESOME!!!

  14. AnrDaemon

    @pangoliath: It was ‘Reincarnation’ – “Put a target non-white non-artifact creature on the bottom of the owner’s library.”