The End #15

Looks like the Imps and the Junker Angels have all the bases covered.

Including witnesses.


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  1. hyattsminion

    I love how God is basically Black Dynamite!

  2. Dannysmartful

    Can we get this agreement notarized before we leave and a copy for everyone?

  3. Henry Valdez

    what’s sad, is that the imps are forced to be ready to destroy the first human that they truly cared about, in order to save her if negotiations end poorly.

  4. Melkior

    … and still nobody in-comic has figured out that Luci isn’t actually The Chosen One.

    The Chosen One is her father, Lou C Phurr! :)

    Somehow, I get the feeling that this tiny little detail is going to come back and bite everyone in the … ahem … bottom.