The End #18

I think it’s safe to bet that no one has even seen Mr.G. and Mr.D. sport that same, “WHA…!?” expression before…. at the same time, no less.

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  1. Samsonite

    The Devil’s in the details indeed.

  2. Bergman

    The Devil may be in the details, but THESE details are going to be-Devil him!

  3. Squeaky

    Well, considering that the contract with the Devil that the Imps were bottled for was for a man, in the Media industry, I would say that yes, a few rules got broken delivering them to someone who hadn’t sold her soul.

  4. gddessbrat

    hmmm me thinks we have not seen the last of mr butterpaws and the blame game…………..

  5. Charlie Spencer

    Anybody else remember Shel Silverstein’s “The Devil and Billy Markham”? The extended version, with the bit where the Devil grants that for 24 hours no creature can deny Billy’s requests to make whoopie? Remember who Billy asks last?

  6. kentda

    I knew they’d find a loophole!

  7. Elfguy

    Hey….you can’t beat the devil on a technicality! Technicalities are his stock in trade!

  8. Eeep!

    Next Time:

    *Imps reveal technical complication*

    Mr. G and Mr. D (simultaneously): “MUTHA FLETCHING WICKER BASKETS!!!”

  9. MFWBs

    Uh .. that Raggedy Ann dolls stare is seriously freaking me out.
    Expecting any second now for her to morph into Mrs D… Or G…