The End #19


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  1. TheStratovarian

    Haha, it doesn’t matter who it is. Lawyers make so the word compromise is a fact of breathing, and no shape, body or form is happy with their little terms. Your guy or not.

  2. kentda

    “One of my best guys”

    Um … Um … he’s not on Your Side this time.

    I foresee that this Imp will provide details both sides would rather remain undisclosed.

  3. Dan Genesis

    Wait a minute….. Well hang me upside down cover me in honey and leave me to a slow death at the hands of the hungry spiderants! That’s the guy that started this whole mess!

    20 bucks says that this is about the mix up that resulted in Lucy Phurr ending up with the Imps that were SUPPOSED to be assigned to her father – Lou C. Phurr.

  4. Elfguy

    Yeah, Dan, I recognized this guy from Panel 1 of strip 1 too…Danger Will Robinson!

  5. Carmeops

    wait… D and G are sitting at both end of the table, how can they be so close in the last panel?

  6. Lazarae

    D moved around to the other side just so he could elbow G.

  7. Samsonite

    Heck yeah! I wondered when this guy’s identity would come out! Great plot twist! The awkward detail the imps got sent to Lucy Phurr instead of Lucius….. Ooooh….. Well played, Gentlemen….. Well played…