The End #20

Words. It always comes down to words.

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  1. Nekomimi

    Who else wait for the contract being signed by someone with one leg on other side?

  2. Kogoron

    But…. wasn’t it Luci’s FATHER who signed the contract, not Luci herself?

  3. Kaian

    Missing some details on there then.
    No promotion, her influence never really grew.

    No signature. . .

  4. TheStratovarian

    And that fun catch, both high and low have to agree on the when. Ah, how it works out there too.

  5. Aslandus

    I doubt the little girl signed it…

  6. Ember

    It was probably the DAD who signed it, before Luci came into the picture. (That is, if I am right in guessing she was maybe five when they first appeared.)

  7. Melkior

    It’s already been fairly well established that it was Lou C Phurr, Luci’s dad, who agreed to the contract. It remains to be seen just what effect (if any) this has on the outcome.