The End #21

And there we go.

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  1. TheStratovarian

    Now thats a smile you can trust!
    Nobody leaves happy! not with those kind of jaws.

    And thats how you can tell its a great lawyer.

  2. Flukey

    Not sure if this has been pointed put already, but is the speech bubble in the right hand column, second row supposed to pointed towards the imps and not A.D?

  3. Melkior

    The Signature Page. Right?

  4. Pikinanou

    the speach bubble in the 4th panel, shouldn’t it be pointing to the right? But beside this, stupefaction!

  5. nicktwolf

    Someone didn’t sign or there is a clause saying both heaven and hell would both be destroyed in the final battle.

  6. Charlie Spencer


  7. argentlupus

    I feel I missed something and I have been following it.

  8. SauronTallous

    ARGH!!!! The suspense is killing me!

  9. Will

    They’re probably gonna loose their jobs after. 😛

  10. Plaid Wolf

    oh, spoo! (oops spelled backwards)

    This ought be good!

    Now we have to wait until Monday to find out!

  11. nicktwolf

    It just dawned on me what happened, the imps left a big clue in all of this.

  12. Golux

    It’s nice to see that fine print and visual fatigue got the highest and lowest mighty of all…

    Ya gotta read it through to the end and then have your lawyer read it through to the end and then his lawyer partner read it before you collectively can make out the twist, eh?

  13. kentda

    Yeah. Both of them stated Final in emphasis, which kind of implies no more battles afterwards. Ergo, there is a reason there will be no more battles. Maybe because both angels and demons will be homeless because heaven & hell were destroyed?

    I could just see it “Please Help, Dispossessed Demon Seeking to Return to Hell”

  14. Bergman

    nicktwolf — it was more the cartoonist than the imps who left the clue. Reread the first 20 or so strips, paying special attention to how long the imps were in the bottle, then ask yourself how old Luci is.

  15. nicktwolf

    I figured it out after I read what was said. There were a few ways to look at it when they said go back to the beginning. The first is, do they mean the beginning of time, the start of the strip, or when the contract was signed.

  16. scantrontb

    @Bergman / Nicktwolf: Especially since Mr. D had literally JUST returned from Georgia after losing his favorite Golden Fiddle to a mortal… and THAT was back in 1979 !!!