The End #22




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  1. Arclayn

    “The parchment never did this!” No kidding — the parchment didn’t have windows. 😀

  2. Melkior

    Called it! I called it all right. And I was the first to call it! *does the happy dance* :)

    “The parchment never did this!” but Windoofus does it every five minutes. You should be used to it by now, buddy.

  3. Elihion

    Anti-virus Warning: DevilsRage virus detected in file ‘RunLikeHell.DLL in C:\Windows\System32
    Clean,Isolate or Delete?


  4. TheStratovarian


  5. Dan Genesis

    Somebody better pick up that phone.

  6. Eeep!

    Eli…. That was BRILLIANT!

  7. #113

    Eli, I just about died laughing, not even kidding.

  8. kentda

    I’m hoping thats Mr D with the mentality of “I’ll start a war even without the contract” and not the “Dark Luci” who escaped. It looks like Mr D’s bubble however.