The End #24


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  1. Melkior

    That was Pain who asked for the promise that Luci would be okay!

    It seems that even Pain has reached his pain threshold.

    And Tears is crying more profusely than ever before.

    And Misfortune looks as though he feels extremely unfortunate!

    But if it becomes as though none of this ever happened? Then of what use was the journey?

  2. texan1972

    Lucy may not remember what happen but they will they had a lot of fun along the way. they may not be able to influence her any more that does not mean that they will not look at her from a distance from time to time I wonder

  3. Ayshela

    oh damn. I see His point. But oh damn. Ow.

  4. Plaid Wolf

    I think Mr G just inflicted more pain, tears and misfortune on the boys than anything Mr D could do to them….

  5. SauronTallous

    Damn, right in the feels… It’s going to be sad to see this comic go but I am glad I was along for the ride! This should be made into a movie or show.

  6. kentda

    One minute. We’re talking about demons. Who have proven they can travel through time. Who can probably do all sorts of insane stuff, with just one minute.

    I have a feeling Mr G. is perfectly aware of this.

  7. kentda

    That said about the “one minute”, the artist did say he was wrapping it up. Nice way to end the year.

  8. Pantera

    ='{:::: *SOB* I don’t want THEM TO GO AWAY! I knew it was going to happen, but now, its like losing 4 very sweet friends. sigh…

  9. Dannysmartful

    OMG SO SADDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T

  10. Iceburgh69

    Had to go rescue an old friend.

  11. Iceburgh69


  12. Iceburgh

    Now I can’t remember just which name I used when I was posting more activly…

  13. Elihion

    Sadly, all adventures come to an end.

    However, don’t despair. The author of ZAP! (for example),
    started a new project called ‘Wilde Life, which is just as
    much fun…

    Though this road may end… perhaps there’s a new road just
    around the corner, waiting to be trod…


  14. Nicktwolf

    Tears paid me a visit just now.

  15. Ed Rhodes

    Awww, sad demons.

  16. Eeep!


    Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! Maybe Mr. G will see how much they care about her and give them the chance to join the other side as her Guardian Angels…. I mean, after all, with her DAD being the Chosen One, poor kid’s gonna need all the help she can get!