The End #25

And just like that… it was done.

Well, almost….

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  1. Eeep!

    C’mon Mr. G… you gotta be moved by that display. Give ’em a chance, please?

  2. Arclayn

    Wait, what? Imps from Hell actually “love” someone/anyone? Awwww — who was influencing who, now? 😀

    And wasn’t Luci being all kinds of bad and evil before this? Or did that all go away when Mr. D made sure the cat ain’t ever coming back?

    Ah yes — missed my queue from before… ♫ But the cat came back the very next day.
    Yes, the cat came back. He crashed the Imp’s tea party! But the cat came back, so Mr. D sent him away! 😀

  3. hyattsminion

    A huge piece of my soul just died! I hate to see this comic ending

  4. gddessbrat

    I think I have more tears that tears……..

  5. Nicktwolf

    I agree that it’s odd to see the imps say that they love Luci, but they have done a lot more things for her in the sense of good then bad. There is one question I have always wondered. Why didn’t we see the A.D. show up when they got to earth?

  6. Henry Valdez

    so in the end, the imps had true honor, no tricks, no gimmicks, they just truly wanted to say goodbye

  7. DSC-Fate

    Way to ruin xmas Mr. G ;__;

  8. Yu Blueit

    Of course, there is the possibility that Mr. G banned the imps Pain, Tears, and Misfortune from seeing Luci. He’s promoting them to angels (and goofy futuristic looks), is my guess. And as angels, they can be with her.

  9. kentda

    Oh lord. I just thought of a way they could return to have ‘fun’ with her.

    Though this idea is questionable as it was implied that the Contract self destructed when the ‘goof’ was revealed. But …

    What if the Contract still exists? With her Father. While her memory of the whole affair would be erased, there is still the fact that they’d be assigned to her Father.

    He’s a guy capable of driving demons to fear him (see the early comics about him dealing with customer service and Scaring Demons), that means that given the chance he’d be a very interesting person. That or the equivalent of someone like John Arbuckle to the minions of Hell.

    ((If any of you do not recognize the name, which is possible depending on your age, he’s the human who ‘owns’ Garfield))

  10. Mindsword2

    I bet they won’t do that though. If they do, then the battle is back on. Mr. G promised no harm from this incident, not from anything else they may do.

    Mr. D may try, but I bet three imps will fight his chosen one on all fronts.

  11. Sicarius

    The Feeeelz, you guys!

  12. Pikinanou

    Aww that was too much for my lil heart! I say we must have Imps plushies, so we can deal with the end of this :O

  13. Pantera

    *SOBBBBBBBBS!!!!* poor Luci and the Impies…. ='{:::: I can’t see them go. I’ll remember them and keep reading over & over. HUGS!!!

  14. Nicktwolf

    It almost looks like he is unhappy, but this does explain why the imps don’t show up after they say they will travel back in time so Luci doesn’t know they are gone. In terms of the contract, they could easily make it so that her father forgets he signed it.