lucyLuci Phurr

She’s everything you’d expect from a small person made of sugar, spice, all things nice, with extra nice and a fresh nice salad on the side.  Now she possesses the tools to get anything she wants and is under the direct influence of evil-incarnate.  Evil doesn’t stand a chance.


He’s short, fat, pointy, has a bad temper and a mild case of pyromania.  Fortunately while he’ll go to any length to bring the hurt, what he lacks in social skills, manners and personal hygiene he more than makes up for in an overabundance of stupid.  Just make sure you hide the matches.


Remember that totally goth, emo girl from 11th grade?  The one who only ever wore two colors – black and purple so dark it was effective black?  Tears makes her look like Paris Hilton’s wilder, partying, socially-adjusted twin.  But you get the picture, he’s a total downer.

misfortuneAlisdair (AKA Misfortune)

He’s the smartest of the three imps – but that’s like saying you have the pointiest of three coconuts.  Tired of getting the blame for everything (conveniently ignoring the fact that as Misfortune, it usually IS his fault) he’s decided that a name change is the key to a new future.  In time he’ll learn it’ll take more than that, and there’s guaranteed to be Tears and Pain involved in the lesson.

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