The Handover

You can check out Decoy at the link below:

Imps-to-Angels-to Aliens-Oh-My!

Oh, also, here’s something else involving the imps to keep in mind. While we don’t currently have plansĀ  to produce official LPI books (at the moment), we do have plansĀ  to tell a few more adventures. Throughout 2015 we will be offering LPI digitally through Comixology and directly off the site. Why would we purchase LPI when we can read the entire thing for free online, you ask? Well, because in addition to offering all five years of LPI, we also plan to present 20 page bonus stories with each year . If my math is right, that’s at least 100 pages of “new” LPI material in 2015. We will let everyone know when the material is available for purchase via the new webcomic we are working on (linked above), this site, Facebook, and any other social outlet we have available.

Here’s a sample of one of the bonus story pages you will see in 2015:


Anyway, that’s all we have to report. Signing out, one final time.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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